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Our more than 25 years of experience and our constant research allow us to offer a fast service, flawless and guaranteed.

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What can we do for you



We carry out all kinds of preventive maintenance and repair operations related to the general mechanics of the vehicle, motor, brakes, air conditioning, damping, address, transmission systems (gearbox and clutch), etc.



Engine oil replacement, filters, dampers, starting motor, alternator, battery, exhaust pipes, Timing belt, reviews, plugs, air conditioning load, wiper blades, etc.



We use the latest technology, which allows us to offer our clients the most complete and professional comprehensive diagnostic service for all car systems.



Your vehicle must undergo predefined periodic inspections. Carrying out these maintenance operations ensures that you do not lose the warranty given by the manufacturer..



We submit your vehicle a complete previous review that will guarantee you successfully pass the ITV review. If you have to pass the ITV and do not have time, do not worry, We do it for you, We take your vehicle to the Inspection and return it to the workshop for collection.



Diagnosticamos, we maintain and repair the different electronic and electrical systems of your vehicle: multiplexed networks, control units, airbag, air conditioning, pretensioner belts, ABS, electronic stability control, indoor electrical equipment, plugs, starting motor, etc.



We carry out all kinds of interventions on the braking system of your vehicle, fluid replacement, change brake pads, repair of imbalances during braking, Actions on the ABS electronic system, ESP, etc.



Diagnosticamos, we maintain and repair the different gasoline and diesel injection systems, from the oldest to the latest generation (Common rail, injector-pump, etc.)



Tire replacement, wear control, cracks, hits, inflation pressure control, aging, balanced, puncture repair, etc.



Maintenance, repair, diagnosis and replacement of any of the components of the exhaust system, ducts, silent, catalysts, particle filters (FAP) sondas lambda, Temperature probes, control of polluting gas emissions, etc.

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We revise 20 points of your vehicle so that everything runs smoothly

  • Engine oil level

  • Coolant level

  • Brake circuit liquid level

  • Windshield washer fluid level

  • Condition and tension of belts (except timing belt)

  • Internal lights operation

  • Optical warning lights and acoustic signals operation

  • Window lift operation

  • Central locking operation

  • Tire condition and pressure

  • Oil leaks: motor, power steering, gearbox, etc.

  • Coolant leaks

  • Fuel circuit leaks

  • Brake circuit leaks

  • Shock absorber tightness

  • Condition and wear of brake discs

  • Wear brake pads

  • Condition and fixation of exhaust line

  • External lights operation

  • Wiper blade wear