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Our more than 25 years of experience and our constant research allow us to offer a fast service, flawless and guaranteed.

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Your car better than ever


The bodywork of our cars is the most visible part and must be impeccable. We know how important quality is, above all, when it comes to the sheet metal of a vehicle.

Our goal is to provide a quality service but at the best possible price. Nobody gives anything for no reason but in Motor Plaza We are sure that you will like the result of our work and you will trust us to continue taking care of your vehicle. For that reason we have exclusive offers to paint your car with us..

We know what your vehicle needs to make it like new, performing a service of the highest quality. We have the technique and the management technology for the greatest efficiency in the sheet metal repair and painting, delivering each job with impeccable quality… because we want our customers to take their car like new and in record time.

When we have to repair our vehicle, We all look for a good quality service but without the price going through the roof. That is our goal in Motor Plaza and we want you to check it out for yourself. Our years of experience and hundreds of clients, they endorse us.



Tired of always the same color? We paint your car and leave it as new.



Don't let a bad image hit you and be the beginning of your car's deterioration. We will fix it quickly and efficiently.



Much love, a profitable price and get that old gem rolling again with the headlights high.



In addition to an aesthetic issue, headlight polishing will make your driving safer. Ask us.



Fast and urgent window change service so that an accident does not leave you stopped.